Let us help you cultivate prosperity in your backyard with Garden Suites.

Welcome to Quantum Garden Housing Ltd, your trusted turnkey solution provider for transforming residential backyards into valuable assets.

We specialize in building garden suites and offer a comprehensive suite of services that cover every aspect of the process. From initial surveys and designs to regulatory approvals, construction, renovations, financial support and lease management, we are your all-in-one partner for realizing your backyard’s full potential.

At Quantum Garden Housing, we understand the evolving needs of homeowners in the GTA. The demand for additional living space or increased rental income has never been greater, and our mission is to make these goals easily achievable.

With our expertise and dedication, we enable homeowners to effortlessly upgrade their living space or increase their rental income, all from the comfort of their own backyard.Our commitment to excellence and innovation sets us apart. We bring a wealth of experience and a keen eye for design to every project, ensuring that your garden suite not only meets your practical needs, but also enhances the beauty of your property.

Whether you’re considering an additional residence for a loved one, exploring rental income opportunities, or simply looking to maximize the potential of your backyard, Quantum Garden Housing is here to guide you every step of the way. We are proud to be your trusted partner in creating functional, stylish, and income-generating garden suites that enhance your property value and quality of life.

Thank you for considering Quantum Garden Housing as your garden suite solution provider. Join us in making your backyard dreams come true, effortlessly and efficiently.



We build the way you want.

We give structure to your dreams.

Our commitment is your comfort.

We trust our construction material.

Advanced design and planning.

Latest stylist modern designs.

Rising Values Of The Future

With our 30 years of experience, we are working to provide you with the best service.

Our Best Architectural Advantages

We help you achieve your dreams.

Architectural Design

We help you achieve your dream space with our architectural design experience for projects of all sizes.

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Construction Design

With our expert staff, we help you with creative projects with the best timelines and budgets.

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Interior Design

We provide the best service in the interior design project timeline and budget.

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We start all projects with the excitement of the first day with our expert engineers.

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We create artistic designs with the best ideas and turn your home into a paradise.

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2D/3D Layouts

We produce and develop your most creative interior design projects with our professional team.

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Exterior Design

By developing the best exterior design models, we enable you to achieve the design of your dreams.

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Creating Concept

We provide the best service on professional interior design project timeline and budget.

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