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Frequently Asked Questions.

Is a garden house a legal construction?
In November 2022, the Ontario provincial government passed a highly anticipated bill known as the "Faster Building, More Homes Act." This bill is part of Ontario's Housing Supply Action Plan, which aims to support the ambitious goal of adding 1.5 million new homes in the province by 2031. This bill introduced several amendments to the Planning Act, including new provincial permitting thresholds designed to enhance the planning of additional housing units and help achieve minimum density targets as outlined in the plan. Specifically, these amendments allow homeowners of detached houses, semi-detached houses, or townhouses to add up to two additional housing units on their existing properties. These additional units can include laneway houses or garden suites, providing homeowners with more housing options.
Is every backyard suitable for a garden suite?
Not every backyard is suitable for constructing a garden suite, whether it's a detached house, semi-detached house, or townhouse. However, as long as your property's width exceeds 20 feet (6 meters) and the depth of your backyard (measured from the rear wall of the main house to the rear fence) reaches 40 feet (11.5 meters), you meet the conditions for building a spacious single-story garden suite. Of course, if your backyard doesn't meet these standards, there's no need to worry! Our upcoming compact garden suite designs may cater to your needs, ensuring that every backyard can realize its full potential. Regardless of the size of your backyard, there's an opportunity to have a beautiful garden suite.
Can a two-story garden suite be constructed?
Yes, it's possible to construct a two-story garden suite, but you must ensure a minimum distance of 7.5 meters between the garden suite and the main house. It's worth noting that due to the height restriction of two-story garden suites at 6 meters, basement excavation is often necessary, potentially extending the construction timeline and project costs.
Are there requirements for fire access?
Indeed, residential properties must ensure there is a pathway with a minimum width of 1 meter and a height of 2.1 meters leading from the street to the garden suite. The maximum length of this pathway should not exceed 45 meters. Additionally, the distance from the garden house to the nearest fire hydrant on the street should not exceed 90 meters to ensure the effectiveness of fire hydrants in case of emergencies.
How large can a garden suite be?
According to the regulations in Toronto, the footprint of a garden suite should not exceed 40% of the rear yard, 20% of the entire lot, or 60 square meters (645 square feet).
Are there requirements for the backyard space?
Based on Toronto's regulations, if you plan to build a one-story garden suite, you must ensure a distance of 5 meters from the main house. For two-story garden suites, this distance increases to 7.5 meters. Additionally, there should be a 1.5-meter clearance from the back of the garden house to the rear fence and a 0.6-meter clearance between the sides of the garden suite and the side fence.
What if there are trees in the backyard? Can a garden suite still be built?
If trees in the backyard occupy the intended construction area for the garden suite, we recommend homeowners consult an arborist before submitting their permit application for appropriate handling.
What are the key differences between Garden Housing and products from other construction companies?
Firstly, our garden suite prices are remarkably competitive, often only half the cost of other construction companies. Importantly, our prices are fixed and do not experience mid-project price increases. Secondly, we employ advanced prefabrication methods for constructing garden suites. This means that once clients obtain building permits, we can complete the entire process from construction to move-in within as little as 30 days, significantly faster than traditional construction methods. Lastly, because our garden suites are completed in a factory, including both interior and exterior finishes, we can greatly reduce on-site construction time. This not only avoids disrupting our clients' lives but also helps maintain good neighbourly relations. So, choosing Quantum Garden Housing means enjoying cost-effectiveness, rapid construction, and an undisturbed living experience.
What is the foundation construction method for garden suites?
Traditional foundation structures typically involve concrete pouring, but due to limitations imposed by Canadian weather conditions, construction can only occur between spring and early winter. However, we use a pile foundation method that involves screw piles driven to a depth of 6 feet underground. This method is not only environmentally friendly but also saves construction time. This means that we can efficiently carry out foundation work regardless of whether it's in the cold of winter or the warmth of summer, ensuring the garden suite's stability and durability.
Can you design the layout of the garden suite according to my preferences?
Our garden suites come in different size layouts designed to fit the structures of Canadian backyards. Our designers employ principles of ergonomics to ensure that each space is creative and inspiring. At the same time, utilizing a unified design helps save costs and time, passing more benefits on to homeowners. Therefore, you can choose from the various layouts we provide to find the garden suite that best suits your needs.
Where do the building materials and manufacturing for your garden suites come from?
We use entirely Canadian-sourced materials, manufactured right here in Ontario, fully complying with Canadian residential standards and Ontario building codes. This ensures that our garden suites are not only of reliable quality but also fully compliant with local regulations and standards, providing you with a peace of mind in your living experience.
Can I apply for a loan for the garden suite?
Customers can choose to apply for a loan from a bank or a mortgage company. In addition, we also offer low-interest loan services to help customers realize their dreams.