Secure Your Priority Delivery with a $200 Deposit Today.   在线支付$200加币意向金,以确保您的订单有效处理。


While we can manage all waitlist requests, reserving today ensures quicker service.


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Why should you make a deposit to join the waiting list?   为什么我需要支付意向金才能进入等候队列?


The deposit serves as a token of your trust in Quantum Garden Housing, showing your readiness to embark on a journey of improving your property’s value and generating rental income.

支付意向金,代表您对Quantum Garden Housing的信任,表明您已准备好踏上让房产增值及更多租金收入的旅程。


Benefits of Reserving:



Early Bird Pricing: Lock in exclusive promotional pricing with your reservation today.


Priority Delivery: Be among the first to experience the future of Toronto living with early delivery.


Right to Assignment: Pre-order holders have the option to assign this order to another buyer free of charge, allowing you to transfer the benefits to a new buyer.


Exclusive Events: Gain access to special events, webinars, and previews related to the Garden Suites project.



The $200.00 deposit is fully refundable if you decide to cancel your reservation at any time.

任何时候,如果您决定取消预订,$200.00 加币的押金可全额退还。



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